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The Recommended Transport to Tegalalang Rice Terrace from Ubud
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The Recommended Transport to Tegalalang Rice Terrace from Ubud

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is a recommended place to visit when you are on vacation in Ubud Countryside. It is located at Tegalalang Street (approximately 10 kilometers north from the countryside).

The rice terrace is well-known for rice paddies fields in unique terrace formation which stretch out on riverbank. It is the best place to escape from daily boring routines or crowd of the urban.

For getting there, you drive car alone from Ubud. However, it surely require you to have a license and able to drive in Indonesian culture as taking a left part of the street.

If you don’t have or be able for it, you can hire a transport with driver service to ease your trip in getting the rice terrace.

Transport Service from Ubud to Tegalalang

Green Scenery in Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Green Scenery in Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Perhaps you need a transport service for tour trip in the island, you can hire it with us (Anugerah Wisata Bali).

We provide a transport service at affordable price which it is available for half day (maximal 6 hours) and full day (maximal 10 hours).

It is a good solution for private family tour because you just need to pay one price for one car so that may save more money.

During the hiring time, you will get a freedom to determine your itinerary list. For an example, you visit Tegalalalang Rice Terrace and others tourist objects around Ubud in full day trip.

The transport service includes petrol (fuel of the car) and parking fee and our car is facilitated by air-conditioner. That may surely make your trip become fun and comfortable.

So, just make your own trip plan and let’s get there with us easily.

Recommendatons of Places Near The Rice Terrace

Bali Transport to Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud
Bali Transport to Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud

For longer trip, you can combine Tegalalang Rice Terrace with tourist objects in Ubud as follows.

  1. Ubud Art Market
  2. Puri Saren Palace (Ubud Royal Palace)
  3. Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  4. Saraswati Temple

The tourist objects are located close together and decent to enter into your trip list when visiting to the rice terrace.

How to Hire Us

You just tell us where place to pick up and destinations to visit by sending text or calling us via contact below.

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