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History of Ubud

The history of Ubud began in the 8th century, where a historical record written on palm leaves which tells of a holy disseminator of Hinduism originating from India, he was named RS Markandeya. Before Rsi Markandeya moved to the island of Bali, Rsi Markandeya first visited the land of Java. When Rsi Markandeya was in Java, in his meditation he got a physicist that in an area at the foot of Mount Agung, there were 5 types of magic metal. At present the location stands a very magnificent temple called Pura Besakih.

As long as Rsi Markandeya is on the island of Bali, he feels a tremendous vibration of energy in the area of ​​Campuhan - Ubud, where currently the location stands a Hindu temple called Pura Gunung Lebah. When he lived on the island of Bali, Rsi Markandeya also built several temples in other areas in Bali as places of worship for Hindus in Bali. Besides establishing a temple, Rsi Markandeya also introduced irrigation systems or irrigation systems for agriculture in Bali. This farming system is still in use, which is known as "Subak".

In addition to teaching agricultural irrigation systems, Rsi Markandeya also teaches the Banjar system, which is a system of the smallest community organizations under the Village organization, which deals with religious matters and the customs activities of the local community. Until now, the Banjar system is still used in all regions of the island of Bali.

The name Ubud comes from the word ubad which in Indonesian means medicine. this is because many traditional medicinal plants are found in the Campuhan area - Ubud. So from that Ubud is like a medicine to release all the noise and fatigue of the routine. A quiet and comfortable place for a vacation.

History of Puri Ubud

When the Majapahit kingdom collapsed in the 15th century which resulted in a massive exodus of Javanese nobles to migrate to the island of Bali. This nobleman from the island of Java later founded an empire in the Klungkung area, a district located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali, the kingdom was named Kingdom of Gelgel. Nobles whose exodus also brought the "caste" system to the island of Bali.

In the 17th century, many new kingdoms began in the island of Bali, one of them in Ubud. In the 17th century, many built the houses of nobles in Ubud, which was named "Puri" or in Indonesian called palace. During this period too, there were many inter-kingdom wars in Bali that fought over areas with the aim of expanding power.

Such a prince from the kingdom of Gelgel Klungkung, was sent to the Sukawati village area to build a royal palace that had architectural beauty to be aimed at power in the Gianyar region. During the construction of the royal palace in Sukawati, many Balinese artists from various regions were involved to help build the palace. After the completion of the palace building in Sukawati, many of these artists finally chose to remain in Sukawati. Therefore, until now in the Sukawati area it has become one of the centers of art, such as dance, painting, sculpture or the art of music.

After the construction of the palace in Sukawat was completed, the Sukawati palace soldiers at the end of the 17th century were then sent to Ubud with the intention of securing a frequent conflict in Ubud. The conflict that occurred in Ubud at that time occurred between two cousins, one in the Padang Tegal area of ​​Ubud and the other in the Taman area, an area located in the north of the Padang Tegal area of ​​Ubud. The war between the two cousins ​​finally made King Sukawati then send to his two brothers to secure the Ubud area.

The brother of Raja Sukawati was Tjokorda Ngurah Tabanan which was sent to the Peliatan and Tjokorda Tangkeban Village areas to the Sambahan Ubud region. The two brothers from the king of Sukawati then built palaces in their respective areas with the aim of securing the Ubud area. After Tjokorda Ngurah Tabanan who built the kingdom in Peliatan Village, then Tjokorda Ngurah Tabanan assisted by Raja Mengwi, filled the Ubud area with residents and followers. With the increasing population in Ubud, it has an impact on the economic sector which is increasingly growing.

In the 19th century the Dutch began to enter the island of Bali. This resulted in several kingdoms in Bali, such as the Mengwi kingdom feeling unhappy about the presence of the Dutch in their area. by using tactics and ingenuity, the Dutch who at that time were finally able to provoke the old enemy of the Mengwi kingdom, so they decided to make an alliance to attack Mengwi's kingdom. Because it was attacked by many enemies, the Mengwi kingdom suffered a devastating defeat, which then divided their territory by the invading alliance kingdom.

Since then the Dutch government began to interfere in political affairs in Bali, which then continued by attacking the kingdoms in Badung, the kingdom of Buleleng and the kingdom of Klungkung. Great war is inevitable, this war in Bali is better known as Puputan, which in Indonesian means war to the last drop of blood. In the early 21st century under the rule of Tjokorda Gede Raka Sukawati, the Ubud area later became a branch area of ​​Sukawati. So in 1981, Ubud was designated as a sub-district in the Gianyar regency by covering Tegallalang, Peliatan, Mas and Kedewatan villages.

History of Ubud Tourism

In the early 1930s, many foreign tourists came to visit Bali, especially Ubud. This was due to the ability in English and Dutch from Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati who ruled Ubud at that time. Aside from the language skills, because of the knowledge of the king of Ubud about business, a number of guest houses began to be built as tourist places to stay while in Ubud. The rapid development of Ubud tourism is also inseparable from the role of Raja Sukawati, namely the brother of Raja Ubud who invited painting artist Walter Spiers to live and settle in Ubud.

The settling of Walter Spiers in Ubud began to influence the trend among foreign painting artists to come to work in Ubud. Through this painting, the name Ubud became famous overseas, because paintings by foreign painters depicted more about the lives of local people in Ubud, as well as the frequent occurrence of foreign painters exhibiting paintings abroad.

An association of painting was finally founded by Tjokorda Gede Agung (King of Ubud) with Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, along with several local artists who were later given the name Pita Maha, with the aim of gathering Balinese artists to teach art to young people in the Ubud area. Therefore, until now Ubud has become one of the centers of art in Bali, especially painting. The museum that was first established in Ubud is the Puri Lukisan Museum, then followed by the establishment of other museums such as the ARMA Museum and Rudana Museum.

Puri Agung Saren Ubud

Is a palace as a residence of the king of Ubud (Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati). The location of Ubud Palace is in the middle of Ubud, precisely facing the traditional Ubud market.

Currently the Ubud Palace has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali. Almost every night at the Ubud Palace a dance art performance is held, such as Barong dance and Legong dance.

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