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Bali Transport to Tegenungan Waterfall – Private & Affordable
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Bali Transport to Tegenungan Waterfall – Private & Affordable

Do you need a transport service to get Tegenungan Waterfall? Anugerah Wisata Bali provides special transport service for a tour trip to get tourist objects around Ubud.

The transport service is a good choice for a private trip with your beloved family. You can hire a transport for some seats as needed.

There are some kinds of transports that we have, such as: a car and mini-bus. The car usually provides about 4 – 5 seats and the minibus is more than 5 seats.

The amount of the seats depends on the kinds of the car. And all cars and mini-buses are facilitated by air-conditioner which may make your trip cool and comfortable.

Besides that, fuel (petrol) is also already prepared by us before the trip in sufficient preparation. Don’t worry about running out the fuel in the trip.

Our driver is licensed, experienced, and also knowledgeable about many routes of the spots in Bali. He will give a pleasant trip experience to you.

What to Bring in The Trip

Tegenungan Waterfall
Tegenungan Waterfall

For more amazing experience, we recommend you to prepare and bring some items to support your trip. The items are a sunblock, change of clothes, and camera.

The sunblock can be applied before the trip, to prevent your skin burnt by the sun. Extra change of clothes is recommended if you want to swim or play water at Tegenungan Waterfall.

Meanwhile, camera can surely help you in capturing all moments. That’s recommended a camera in waterproof cover because a visit to the waterfall requires you to contact in water.

Things to Do at Tegenungan Waterfall

Tour Trip to Tegenungan Waterfall
Tour Trip to Tegenungan Waterfall

There are some fun things to do at Tegenungan Waterfall as swimming in a natural plunge pool and taking amazing pictures in the stunning background.

The plunge pool offers cold water and looks so picturesque by small river stones which spread around it. Swim or play water are the best way to spend time here.

After swimming, you can take some shots in the background of stunning waterfall with green scenery before going back.

Well, perhaps you want to take a safe and comfortable with us. Please, send text or call us via the listed contact below.


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